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8 Festival de Cine Etnográfico de Ecuador | Open Call 2023: Memories of the Future
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Submission deadline: 26th May 2023


Memories of the future


The 8th Ethnographic Film Festival of Ecuador opens its 2023 call for entries under the theme of Historical Memories. We think of memory as a situated social process, a horizon that transgresses and challenges official history. We are interested in thinking of historical memories not only as images of the past, but also as anticipated memories that allow us to glimpse other futures. The notion of memories of the future opens up to a diversity of proposals, approaches and perspectives and invites us to think of archives, along with the images and sounds produced today, as time capsules, memories of a future yet to come.


We invite, though not exclusively, audiovisual productions that can be related to: ethnofiction, collaborative methodologies, autoethnographies, indigenous ethnographies, memories and heritages, documentaries, non-fiction, afro-futurisms, indigenous futures, artistic productions, dissidence, counterculture, and found footage. We are also looking for projects that incorporate new formats: animations, audio, transmedia documentaries, and other proposals.


Online registration form



Film Entry Guidelines


The Ethnographic Film Festival of Ecuador does not charge registration or screening fees; it is a non-competitive festival. For the same reason, it is a festival open to the public, with no entrance fee, which works as a window for the exhibition of ethnographic and documentary films. 


The 8th edition of the festival will be held in September 2023, both in person and online. You can only apply with one film, of which you must have the exhibition rights. 


The films that apply must have been produced after 1 January 2020; and those whose original language is not Spanish must be subtitled in Spanish.


The duration of the films is as follows:


  1. Short films: films with a running time of no more than 20 minutes.
  2. Medium-length films: films with a running time between 21 and 40 minutes.
  3. Feature films: films between 41 minutes and no longer than 120 minutes.





There will be two categories: student and filmmaker.


The student category is for films produced as part of a research project carried out mainly by students of Visual Anthropology and Documentary Filmmaking.


The filmmaker category is for films produced by social scientists and filmmakers, whose fields of work include ethnographic and documentary filmmaking.





Films must be submitted through protected links on Vimeo, YouTube or others. 


To participate you must complete the following online registration form by 26 May 2023, midnight Quito – Ecuador time. There will not be any extensions, please contact us via email in advance in case you have any problems registering your application.  


In order to contribute to the goal of the Ethnographic Film Festival of Ecuador of creating spaces for the exhibition and promotion of ethnographic, non-fiction and documentary films, we request the authorisation of the filmmakers so that the selected film can be exhibited in person and online in the 8th edition of the festival


For any questions or information, please write to:





The first selection filter will be based on the review of the compliance with the application conditions of our 8th edition. Following this, the films will be sent to a Selection Committee which, based on established criteria of technical and content aspects, will select the films that will be part of this year’s edition of the festival. Finally, the directors of the selected films will be notified via email. The selected filmmakers will have to confirm their participation in order to continue with the next phase. Please check that the email address registered in the registration form is correct.



Submission deadline: 26th May 2023