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Elisenda Ardèvol

Elisenda Ardèvol

Dra. en Antropología, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, España
Profesora emérita
Department: Anthropology, History and Humanities
Phone: (593-2) 2946800

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  • Anthropologist, doctor of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​Spain. His line of research is focused on the social anthropology of the media and the development of qualitative methodologies for the study of cultural practices and new media.

    Since 1998 she is a tenured professor at the Open University of Catalonia, where she collaborates with various master's and doctoral programs. Since 2008 she is coordinator of the Mediaccions research group on digital culture. She is currently professor emeritus of the Department of Anthropology, History and Humanities of FLACSO Ecuador.

    Ardévol has taught classes, courses and seminars in different universities and cultural institutions; He was a professor at the Center for Visual Anthropology at the University of Southern California and has been a scholar visting at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.

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