New Library Building

Nuevo Edificio Biblioteca Flacso

Built with an innovative architectural design, FLACSO’s library consists of seven stories covering 12,000 yd2; five of the seven stories are dedicated to library collections. The design was guided by contemporary conceptions of modern libraries, and doubles as a cultural center with open environments that guarantee the future growth of the library.

The building hosts a cinema theater, a cafeteria, an auditorium, conference rooms, and three underground levels for parking. At the entrance to the library collections, there is a reception area to store bags and backpacks and to provide photocopying services. The reference area is located on the first floor of the library, and holds printed thesis and current national periodicals; this floor allows access to other levels of the library through stairs and an exclusive elevator. The second and third floors hold the majority of the library’s general collection and provide group study rooms. The fourth floor holds part of the general collection, the archival resources of the library; this floor was also designed for future growth.

Periodicals section and multimedia resources

The periodicals section and the multimedia resource area is located on the fifth floor. There is a video library with four viewing and meeting rooms and a computer lab with databases of scientific journals and e-books.

Research opportunities

Each floor of the library provides space for individual work as well as cubicles for working with computers and laptops. Each floor also provides information on new books and magazines recently acquired by the library, as well as informal reading areas, and a self-service scanner.

Open Shelves

The FLACSO library was one of in Ecuador to offer an open shelves system that allows researchers to access books directly. It also has an integrated system of library management that includes an online catalog, OPAC, which researchers can access the service from anywhere in the world. The OPAC system allows for online connection to the digital library for complete text downloads, use of reference material, building collections, library loans for home use and current book location by floor, shelf and tray.

The FLACSO library puts its high-end technology at the service of the academic community of the country and Latin America. Its objective is to become the most important and best equipped social science library not only in the country but in the Andean region, as well as a central node in the development of FLACSO international system’s network of libraries.


Address: San Salvador E7-42 and Pradera 

Phone: (593 2) 395 3200