FLACSO Researcher

Nicolás Cuvi

Nicolás Cuvi

Ph.D. in Science History, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Spain
Profesor Investigador
Department: Anthropology, History and Humanities
Phone: (593-2) 2946800 ext. 2604

Investigation lines:
Ecología urbana; historia de la ciencias ambientales y de la teoría de la evolución; historia ambiental de América; ciencia e imperialismo en América; biotecnología en el Ecuador.
Geographic area:

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  • His current research is concentrated on the history and epistemology of socio-environmental thinking, evolutionary thinking, biotechnology sociology, environmental history of the tropical Andes, urban ecology of Quito, political ecology and climate change. The reflections aim to build comprehensive approaches to the circulation of practices and scientific ideas and knowledge that are relevant to analyze the socio-environmental issue in the contemporary world.

    Research in urban ecology (developed jointly with students of the Master of Socio-Environmental Studies) serve to reflect, interpret, explain and act towards the achievement of sustainable and resilient cities. The studies cover agroecology, industrial environmental performance, solid waste management, biodiversity and ecological function of green spaces, urban environmental history, urban political ecology, socio-spatial justice, sustainable mobility, among others.

    He is dedicated to journalism and the dissemination of science and its history. Since 2010 he directs Green Letters. Latin American Journal of Socioenvironmental Studies. It is part of the Ecuadorian Academy of Sciences, the Latin American and Caribbean Society of Environmental History (SOLCHA). Member of the Network of Studies of History of Biology and Evolution. Corresponding Researcher of the Center for Research in Education, Dissemination and Epistemology of Evolution at the University of São Paulo. Member attached to the Center d'Història de la Ciència, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.