International Academic Relations


This unit aims to position FLACSO Ecuador internationally and promote the establishment and deepening of relations with academic institutions of higher education in Latin America, the United States, Europe and other regions of the world, in which there are Latin American studies that are linked to the research lines and study in the field of FLACSO Ecuador. To that end, it encourages the formalization of new cooperation agreements and to promote not only the exchange of experiences, information, but teachers and university students. The intention is to open a window for further international academic relations of the FLACSO Ecuador in the most diverse areas. 


Coordinator: Francisco Carrión Mena (


P.h.D in International Sciences of the Central University of Ecuador. Ambassador of career of Ecuador Foreign Service since 1996. Minister of Foreign Affairs (2005-2007). Ambassador of Ecuador in Spain (2000-2005). Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs (1998-2000). Permanent Representative of Ecuador to the United Nations (2009-2011). Author of several publications on migration, foreign policy of Ecuador and international law 

Asistente: Karina Aymar ( 
Telf: (593 2) 323 8900 - Pbx: (593 2) 323 8888 (ext. 2502)

International cooperation