Academic Offer

Cursos Superiores de Formación Continua 

Cursos que suministran conocimientos en áreas específicas de discusión o en áreas concretas del conocimiento teórico-práctico, con miras a perfeccionar destrezas aplicadas para el ejercicio profesional. Estos cursos serán dictados conforme al calendario académico establecido.

*Los cursos superiores de formación continua no son acreditables.

Doctoral Programs

The Doctoral Programs of FLACSO Ecuador seek to train scientists capable of making original, disciplinary and interdisciplinary contributions to the social sciences that contribute to the solution of the region’s problems through corresponding theoretical and methodological instruments. The Doctoral Programs must be completed in a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 5 years. A Master's degree is a pre-requisite for admission to a Doctoral Program.

The study plan consists of 60 credits, and includes: eight courses representing 4 credits each with a total of 360 class hours; five seminars representing 4 credits each with a total of 320 hours of independent work; a doctoral exam representing 8 credits and 160 hours of independent work; culminating in a doctoral thesis.

Research Master's Programs

Type of training:
Academic Master with research background

Face-to-face modality:
First year of subjects, second year preparation and presentation of thesis

FLACSO offers a series of Research Master’s programs in necessary and contemporary topics for the development of Ecuador and other Andean countries. The purpose of the Research Master’s programs is to maintain standards of excellence in postgraduate teaching and link FLACSO Ecuador to the debates and processes of critical national and regional topics. The program exposes students to important professional development, both in the academic and research fields.


The Diploma Programs complement professional training with the knowledge and abilities necessary for studying and addressing specific problems in a discipline or theme within the social sciences, or in fields applied to development and public policies. The program requires an academic dedication of nine months. The Diploma degree requires 32 class credits and the presentation of a Diploma thesis.


Open Courses

Open courses offer participants the possibility of studying a specific topic or issue. The student has the option of taking the course with or without credits. In case of withdrawal from the course, the fee for the open course will not be reimbursed.

Application for Open Courses  

Ongoing training courses

Continuing education courses offer the exploration of specific topics or concrete areas of theoretical-practical knowledge, with the purpose of perfecting skills applied in professional environments. Continuing education or community outreach courses do provide receive credits.