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María Fernanda Troya

María Fernanda Troya

Dra. en Antropología, Ecole de Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, EHESS, París, Francia
Profesora investigadora
Department: Anthropology, History and Humanities
Phone: (593-2) 2946800 ext. 4606

Investigation lines:
Archivos visuales y etnografía y Memoria en torno a la imagen.
Geographic area:

  • Biography


  • PhD in Anthropology from the School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences-EHESS of Paris (2016) with a research on archival photography on the Kichwa and Shuar peoples of the Ecuadorian Amazon. She holds a Master's Degree in Aesthetics and History of Contemporary Art and Photography from the University of Paris VIII (2007). In addition to teaching and research, she also works as curator ("Ver para creer", “De frente y de perfil”, y “Mapear no es Habitar”, Arte-Actual- FLACSO) and editing (“Encuentros de la razón incierta I y II”: Arte y memoria, y Cultura y transformación social). She has published several articles in academic journals and participated in colloquia at national and international level. Her research areas are: visual archives and ethnography, with emphasis on the photographic image in its anthropological and artistic uses; and aspects related to circulation, power and memory around the image.