FLACSO Researcher

Fander Falconí

Fander Falconí

Ph.D. in Ecological Economics, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Spain
Profesor Investigador
Department: Development, Environment and Territory
Phone: (593 2) 2946800

Investigation lines:
Economía ecológica, Globalización, Comercio y medio ambiente
Geographic area:
Ecuador, Región Andina

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  • He is an expert on Ecological Economics. Since his master's and doctorate studies in Spain, this branch became his center of interest. His studies allowed him to develop different consulting work for Ecuadorian state companies and multilateral agencies. In 2001, he became interested in academic teaching and entered at FLACSO Ecuador, which allowed him to publish several articles specially, critics of orthodox economics. Six years later, he moved to the public sector, where he served as National Secretary of Planning and Development and in 2008, he was Minister of Foreign Affairs. He is currently research professor at FLACSO.