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André Torre

André Torre

Ph.D. en Economía (+ Habilitation), Université Nice Sophia-Antipolis, Francia
Profesor distinguido
Department: Development, Environment and Territory

Investigation lines:
Desarrollo territorial, Innovación, Relaciones de proximidad, Zonas rurales
Geographic area:

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  • André Torre is 1st class Research Professor at the University Paris-Saclay, INRA (National Institute for Agronomic Research), and AgroParistech school of engineers. He is a doctor in economics and accredited to supervise research. He is President of ERSA (the European Regional Science Association), and Director of the PSDR research programs (For and About Regional development). He is the managing editor of the Revue d’Economie Régionale et Urbaine (Journal of Regional and Urban Economics), and editorial board member of several international scientific journals. His research was for a long time at the cross roads of spatial and industrial economics, and related to the analysis of proximity relations and their role in coordination processes. It has in recent years become more multi-disciplinary and focused increasingly on questions related to land use planning and territorial and rural development processes. He has published 150 articles in peer review journals and 20 books , mostly on issues related to spatial dimensions and coordination between people or groups of stakeholders.