FLACSO events

Start 2019-11-18
Hour FLACSO Ecuador

Binational colloquium of studies on Catholicism in Ecuador and Colombia

Start 2019-09-20
Hour 18h00
Place FLACSO Cine

Cinema Club Mal de Ojo | Cinema series spaces and senses

Start 2019-10-07
Hour 10h30
Place Aula 353 (torre 2, piso 3)

Defense of doctoral thesis Military intelligence: power, knowledge and ideology in semiotic-discursive practices

Start 2019-11-14
Place Loja-Ecuador

III Congreso Ecuatoriano de Estudios de la Ciudad (III CEC)

Start 2019-11-14
Hour 09h00 a 18h00
Place Centro de Convenciones FLACSO

International Congress Network of researchers in Communication

Start 2019-09-23
Place Cuenca-Ecuador

IV Festival of Ethnographic Cinema of Ecuador

Start 2019-09-20
Hour 15h00
Place Sala de Conferencias No. 2

Presentation of the results of the 'Representation of women in Ecuadorian mayors' project

Start 2019-10-08
Place FLACSO Ecuador

Research Colloquium Dialogue Platform The persistence of inequalities in A.L.

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