FLACSO events

Start 2019-07-17
Hour 15h30
Place Hemiciclo FLACSO

Book's presentation How is life sustained in Latin America?

Start 2019-07-17
Hour 17h00
Place Salón de Afiches

Colloquium Open Government and Right to Information: Experiences of Ecuador and Chile

Start 2019-07-15
Hour 15h00
Place Aulas 301-302, Salón de Afiches

Colloquium The methods of socio-spatial analysis in urban and territorial research

Start 2019-07-18
Hour 18h00
Place Salón de Afiches

Conference 'Desmemory: photography, cartography and ideas of the modern nation'

Start 2019-07-23
Hour 17h00
Place Hemiciclo

Conversing with the presidents: Osvaldo Hurtado Larrea

Start 2019-07-17
Hour 17h30
Place Sala de Conferencias No. 1

Forum Fundamentalisms religious and gender

Start 2019-08-05
Hour 09h00 a 12h00

Summer School Chimborazo 2019: Decolonizing the Enlightenment

Start 2019-08-12
Place Salón de Afiches

Symposium The invention of Humboldt