Sociology and Gender Studies

The Department of Sociology and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary academic environment dedicated to teaching and research in the social and political field at local, national and global scale. The department has three lines of research: "historical and political sociology", "Globalization, social inequalities and migration" and "Gender, subjectivity and citizenship". The first line addresses the problem of the formation of states in Latin America, the role of social movements and citizenship and explores the different theoretical and political currents which suggest these phenomena. The second line, studies social inequalities and political conflict on the continent, from migratory phenomena and the existing global order. The third line investigates the political and social problems of the formation of subjects, paying special attention to gender issues and different feminist theories that explain current inequalities. While each of these lines establishes a type of approach and specific problems, also it prioritizes analytical, conceptual and critical crossroads with other research fields. The department therefore provides training that examines the social and political processes from various theoretical and methodological prisms ranging from intersectionality, historical-critical theory, transnational perspectives to the relationship between sociology and economics.

Areas of research

  • Globalization, social inequality and migration
  • Historical and political sociology
  • Gender, subjectivity and citizenship
Academic offer


    Gioconda Herrera, Ph.D. en Sociología, Columbia University, EEUU

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