International Studies and Communication

The Department of International Studies and Communication is a place for academic debates and research that contribute to the generation of knowledge through the articulation of international, global and regional studies in their diverse dimensions of development and communication. The Department’s work is framed by interdisciplinary and critical perspectives and is guided by internationally recognized criteria for academic rigor and quality. The Department’s programs encourage critical and pluralistic investigation linked to teaching, thus contributing to dialogues between theoretical and methodological approaches that allow for the study of a variety of problems, themes and perspectives related to global studies. These include South-South relationships, the political economy of globalization, communication’s world order, the political economy of communication, studies of strategic intelligence, defense and security, the configurations of emerging regional blocks and considerations between peace and conflict. The Department offers a Doctoral program and three Master's programs. 

Areas of Research

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Fredy Rivera, Dr. en Sociología, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Argentina

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