Development, Environment and Territory

The objective of the Department of Development, Environment and Territory is to reflect upon development, territorial dynamics and socio-environmental systems from a multidisciplinary and critical perspective, emphasizing categories such as rural space, socio-environmental conflicts, public policies and political economy. Development research and management must not only take into consideration economic growth, which currently marks the main trends in the field, but also other dynamics (social, environmental, territorial) with the aim of contributing to the wellbeing of the entire population, through equal access to education, healthcare and work, among others, and through approaches that compromise neither current nor intergenerational sustainability. The Department’s program prepares its graduates to work as professors, researchers and/or professionals in public and private planning and management institutions, non-governmental organizations, international agencies, research institutes and universities.

Areas of Research

  • Rural territorial dynamics
  • Culture, sustainability and territory
  • Public policies and development
  • Political economy of development
  • History, regions, cities and sustainability
  • Ecological economics and political ecology
Academic offer


Myriam Paredes, Ph.D. Universidad de Wageningen, Países Bajos

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