Public Affairs

Our academic project is based on teaching and research regarding public action, defined as the product of interactions among the state, society and the economy. The Department’s Master's Programs in Urban Studies and in Public Policies and our Doctoral Program in Public Policies mobilize a multidisciplinary team of full-time local professors as well as professors from prestigious universities in Latin America, United States and Europe. Department faculty also comprise the Research Laboratory on Governance, made up of a monthly seminar and research groups based on the Department’s areas of research. Working groups allow students to present progress on their thesis and publication projects, while the monthly seminar provides a space for researchers to discuss their empirical and theoretical findings.

Areas of Research

  • Constitutional state and rights
  • Urban governance 
  • Policy networks 
  • Policy design
  • Socio-economics of institutions 
  • Urban planning, economics and territories 
  • Urban transformations and collective action
  • Public policies and territory
Academic offer


Betty Espinosa, Dra. Universidad Católica de Lovaina, Bélgica

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