Anthropology, History and Humanities

The Department of Anthropology, History and Humanities links the social sciences and humanities though situated and contextualized conceptual and interpretative frameworks. Our programs articulate training, research and university extension through a critical, pluralistic and transformational framework form the perspective of Latin American societies, with a special emphasis on the Andean region. Our contributions in the fields of Anthropology, History, Philosophy and the Visual Arts aim to renew and enrich research on complex local, regional and global realities. In this sense, we take on the contemporary challenge of stimulating the production of diverse forms of knowledge, linked to processes of their exchange, reconfiguration and recreation through discourse, practices, processes and social and political configurations.

Areas of Research

  • City, memory and popular culture
  • Cosmology, otherness and globalization
  • Globalization and knowledge
  • State, politics and conflicts
  • Philosophy, knowledge and social thought
  • Visuality, senses and representation
Academic offer


Fernando García, Dr. en Ciencias Sociales, IDES-Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento, Argentina

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