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Cursos de Formación Continua - Lectura académica en inglés para Estudios Internacionales y Economía Política


This course is designed to develop students’ reading ability in order that they have an appropriate level of reading ability for their Master’s course at FLACSO Ecuador. A limited number of external students are also welcome. The course will provide them with the opportunity to become familiar with some of their course texts during their Master’s at FLACSO Ecuador. Students will have practice of effective reading technique and by the end of this course, students will have: used specific skills required for academic reading, including speed reading, skimming, scanning, reading for detail, topic sentences and prediction; explored different approaches to dealing with unknown words; practised note-taking, and explored some of the texts used by lecturers/professors on the Master’s course at FLACSO Ecuador. The course will be delivered entirely in English and the teaching methodology to be utilised on the course is the communicative approach to language teaching which involves mainly student discussion and interactive activity, in pairs, small groups and as a whole class.


Nicola Helen Berry, M.A. Universidad de Mánchester, Reino Unido.


Inscripciones: 31 de agosto
Inicio: 4 de septiembre
Finalización: 11 de octubre


Tuesday and Thursday from 07h00 to 09h00


Curso de formación continua y profesionalización no acreditable para programas de posgrado.


$ 220

Estudiantes con carné y admitidos convocatoria 2018-2020: U$ 175.